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When stopping a hypertensive crisis complicated by cardiac asthma and general agitation, doctors usually use a combination of metronidazole blockers with droperidol, which helps to eliminate arousal and increase the hypotensive effect of ganglionic blockers. Specialized teams as a fast-acting antihypertensive agent can use the drug arfonad at the prehospital stage, which is administered intravenously. The action of this drug develops within 3 minutes, but quickly stops - 10-25 minutes after the completion of the infusion. Relief of hypertensive crises complicated by acute coronary insufficiency is carried out with the simultaneous use of painkillers.

If a hypertensive crisis is complicated by an acute violation of cerebral circulation, antihypertensive drugs are first used. Additionally, an intramuscular injection of a 25% solution of magnesium sulfate (10 ml) and an intravenous 2.4% solution of aminophylline (10 ml per 20 ml of a 20-40% glucose solution) are made. Further, special therapy is needed, which should be carried out by qualified neurologists. The relief of a hypertensive crisis in pheochromocytoma is carried out with the help of phentolamine or tropafen, drugs from the group of alpha-blockers. A 0.5% solution of phentolamine (1 ml) or a 1-2% solution of tropafen (1-2 ml) is used as an intravenous or intramuscular injection. Also, chlorpromazine can be used to buy flagyl pills a hypertensive crisis with pheochromocytoma.

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It must be borne in mind that during a hypertensive crisis, one should not seek to reduce the arterial index to normal. It is enough to reduce it to indicators at which the patient's well-being improves. Preventive measures that prevent the development of hypertensive crises are similar to the prevention of metronidazole online. It is necessary to regularly monitor blood pressure and treat hypertension. When crises occur, their causes should be clarified in order to avoid factors provoking the development of a crisis in the future.

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The main recommendations of a preventive nature, of course, are a rational regime of work and rest, proper nutrition in compliance with the restrictions necessary for hypertension, the rejection of bad habits, the absence of stressful situations, their timely prevention and successful overcoming in case of occurrence. In addition, the prevention of hypertensive crises should include the patient's compliance with the doctor's instructions regarding the intake of flagyl drugs. Even with good health, you should not stop taking the drugs prescribed by your doctor on your own, as this can be an impetus for the development of a hypertensive crisis.

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